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We support business in maximizing the benefits of using Microsoft technologies


We help achieve goals and minimise errors


Projects carried out with us are faster


We deliver innovative solutions in a partnership model

Microsoft Services

We offer a complete portfolio of RPA software robot implementation services. We help organisations at every stage of their automation journey

Higher level of security.

IT environments are currently vulnerable to increased cyberattacks.
We offer securing Microsoft services in accordance with the vendor’s best practices and the recommendations of security organizations and institutions.

Whether it is an on-premise or a cloud environment, the most common target of an attack is user identity. Therefore, we suggest that improving security should start with an audit of configuration of the Active Directory / Azure Active Directory service, and then reconfiguration should be performed in order to eliminate vulnerabilities and propose optimal solutions. We also secure Microsoft 365 environments.


- Securing the local AD service
- M365 security

Knowledge is the key – training and workshops.

The development of new technologies and IT solutions requires constant upskilling.

The first step to maximizing the benefits of the technology used is always to build awareness and acquire competences in advanced use. This, of course, applies to professionals working in IT departments, but user education is equally important.

We offer comprehensive sets of theoretical training and practical workshops in selected Microsoft technologies. We always tailor our learning solutions to the participants’ proficiency level and the specifics of their duties.

Training and workshops for:

- IT
- User

Training and workshops about:

- Microsoft 365
- Azure

Improved communication and collaboration.

Remote and hybrid work have become the new norm. Effective communication and collaboration in this new model require not only using appropriate tools, but also training all users.

Betacom engineers have extensive knowledge and years of experience in building, developing and maintaining communication and collaboration systems based on Microsoft technologies.

We design and implement complete, secure hybrid environments in which user identity is properly secured.

We help migrate e-mail, corporate data and user identity to the cloud, or assist clients in building effective hybrid solutions.

Hybrid environments

- Planning
- Implementation
- Protection

Identity management

- Hybrid AD and Azure AD environments
- Federating the AD service and cloud environments
- Identity protection

E-mail: Exchange online / Exchange Server

- Migration / Centralization
- Protection
- Hybrid

Collaboration: Teams / Skype for Business

- Migration
- Protection

More flexibility with a secure cloud.

Microsoft Cloud allows organizations to achieve more with less expenditure that is more tailored to their current needs.

However, in order to maximize the benefits, proper configuration and security of the solution and data are required.

Betacom, as a long-time Microsoft partner, has the resources and experience to select the right licenses and implement optimal security from the full range of tools provided by Microsoft. Among others, this allows you to optimize Microsoft 365 costs as well as safely use all the functionality you have.

Azure infrastructure

- Planning
- Implementation
- Migration
- Optimization
- Maintenance

Management of Microsoft 365

- License delivery
- Optimization
- Management

Our advantages

We have the know-how, competence, experience and technology. With us it is faster, more efficient and ultimately cheaper.

Extensive know-how to unlock great opportunities

Our experts’ extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in technology and implementation make it possible to deliver diverse Microsoft projects that vary in both scope and scale. As a result, we can support large enterprises, small and medium organizations, as well as the public sector.

Rich project experience

Our experts have broad knowledge and experience gained in many projects involving Microsoft technologies, delivered for clients from different industries and operating in different international markets.

High cost-effectiveness

Our services and engineer/consultant rates are competitively priced, which increases the cost-effectiveness of the projects we support.

Proven technology, proven partner

For many years, we have held the Gold Partner status with Microsoft, one of the market leaders in cybersecurity. We are among the partners who are able to guarantee the highest quality of implementation and maintenance services for Microsoft technologies.

A reliable company

Betacom is an IT integrator company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange with more than 25 years of experience in delivering solutions from leading technology vendors. This gives us a much broader view of the world of technology and, at the same time, a deep understanding of business-specific technological nuances.

Guaranteed availability of engineers

Betacom guarantees the availability of engineers in any time zone with a response time of XX h for requests. We have an in-house team of experienced engineers and consultants.

Our team

Paweł Kargulewicz
Team Leader
Żaneta Wolentarska
Business Development Manager
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System Engineer

Customer stories

Już teraz widzimy, że udało się nam obniżyć koszty, a jednocześnie podnieść wydajność. Dzięki platformie Microsoft 365, w tym w szczególności dzięki Microsoft Teams oraz Microsoft Azure nasza współpraca z partnerami na całym świecie przebiega bardzo gładko i możemy współpracować w czasie rzeczywistym z dowolnego miejsca.
Literary Agency

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Case Study

The Literary Agency helps authors and celebrities in the world of entertainment realize their creative ambitions and successfully reach their chosen audiences.

With the implementation of Microsoft 365, not only the mail server, but also file servers – Microsoft SharePoint – were moved to the cloud, whereas communications, teleconferencing and regular phone calls – to Microsoft Teams. Meanwhile, the Sophos antivirus system has been replaced by Microsoft Defender ATP.

At the same time, the entire new environment is supported by security, analytics and optimization services provided by Betacom.



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